Air Jordan 6 (VI) 2010 Retro - Detroit Pistions

Not too long ago, we showcased the black/varsity red Air Jordan 6 that is scheduled to release in 2010, and we now have a look at another new 2010 Air Jordan VI retro colorway. This pair hosts a black patent leather and nubuck upper accented by a clear sole and a grey/blue/red midsole. Overall, this pair yields a clean and simple new style that has been nicknamed as the Detroit Pistons AJ6 due to the choice of colors similar to those of Detroit’s NBA team. Unfortunately, there is no concrete release information regarding this new 2010 Retro Air Jordan 6, so be sure to stay tuned for any and all updates.

Via TSG.

Air Jordan 6 (VI) 2010 Retro - Detroit Pistions

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  1. 1st nd wow these lewk hot but i needa see bettr pics…if these lewk nice i think i just might cop with infrareds ;)

  2. WoW! forealz? gaurantee will be FIRE! black patent leather *tsk* too much yo! this is FIRE!.

    Just imagine how people fire up on the bred 11s. but these are 6s patent leather! HOT! with a lil tab of blue. not bad.

  3. theyre effing dope! but who is that wearing them? anyone realize how poorly theyre rocking them..? not popping the tounges what so ever and they have them all unlaced n dragging on the ground.. i need to see them at there full potential!

  4. i agree with tony,ill wait till i see a picture without a foot inem to make my decision on whether these r good or not but they dont look too good to me

  5. dont like the mix of nubuck and patent, some of the new VI's thatve come out (olympics) and the ones coming out dont live up to the shoe's legacy.

  6. They cool but I need better pics as well that's y some cats can't rock j's no swag at all

  7. The fact that these exist is proof the world is ending soon.

    Jordan never played for the pistons.

    Patent leather on the VI's is like painting a Lambo hot pink.

    And the only way to properly "rock" these is to lace the damn things up properly and not look like a punk/tool.

  8. na you losers like any and everything this crap brand puts out….try being selective about what you like and not just hypebeast 15 year olds….f-ing disgrace to this brands legacy…seriously if you like these you have no taste and i guarantee your a worthless nig


  10. idc what any one says i love patent leather jordans n these look good so far.i wanna see them with out pants covering up the top and that will seal the deal

  11. ok nvrmnd i just noticed the nubuck part of it.what ever happened to the gatorade edition VI’s that were suppose to come out

  12. thats a big negative. Ill stick to the retro AJ VI that comes out early 2010, or possibly even late 2009 from what I'm hearing. I dont see the point in destroying such a legacy by adding patent leather to them, they did the same garbage with the olympic VI's. Stick to retro's in OG colorways JB, you'll make everyone very happy that way!

  13. OH MY GODDD this is what i like o seee!!!!- stop with the fusions n bring heat like this back =]

  14. hhhhhhhhhuhhh whos idea was that anyway….o iknow,,,,bootleg! show me a good 100% sample then i might believe!


  16. these look like they have tha potential to be ill but jus like everyone said tha guy rockin em is on some o.d. type shit put tha tounge out and tie tha shoe right