Infrared Air Jordan 2010
Those who are fortunate enough to own the Infrared Air Jordan 6 (VI) know how fresh it is to lace up their pair. Images of the 2010 ‘Infrareds’ have just surfaced, and most will be surprised at how clean the sneakers look. The shoes are highlighted by Chicago Bulls colors, and most clearly, an icey sole. The Infrared Jordan release date is still unknown, but rumored to be in 2010. The Air Jordan Spacejam release has been marked on most calendars for the holiday season, there is a chance that the Infrared 6 will drop in time for the 2009 holiday season as well. Brand Jordan has a tendency to release Black/Red colorways close to Christmas; with the most recent example being the 2008 Air Jordan 11/12 countdown pack, which originally scheduled to release after the holiday. Read on to view more pictures.
Infrared Air Jordan 2010
Infrared Air Jordan 2010
Infrared Air Jordan 2010
Via: Marquee Sole

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  1. hey a jordan retailer..they arent infared…its the regular red…also its a jan release..howeever most stores will have them "in the back" around dec 20…enjoy!!

  2. I wanna have sex with these. Pull on the shoe strings and say "who's ur daddy, u slut"!! Slap my salami on the clear sole…yumm!!!

  3. west coastin u fu**** nasty a$$ nika real talk…yea itz a fire a$$ shoe no dought bt dam calm down u stupid dumb f****!!

  4. Very nice looking shoe. never owned a pair of 6 and looking forward to gettin these…

    why does everyone associate the look of the shoe to bodily fluids… Nut… Piss… just say ' nice kicks, must cop' and be done….

    i crack myself up lol
    Happy New Years!!!!

  5. Honestly these are cool, but why must everyone act like they are the nicest think to come out, these along with alot of the other retros lately, they straight but I have def seen better, please people stop pumping JB's head up, so then maybe they will make something new that crushes all of this stuff that has came out lately…

  6. Paul look the black/infared VI's are easy top 5 and people look forward to seeing them again because the 2000 retro is either too expensive for many people or will mess up if you un-ds them. Trust me if the XI concords were releasing it would be the same thing. I have the 2000 retro model but I can't wear them so I will love when these come out to get two pairs. These will be rocked all year long.

  7. Yeah PoOch, but these arent even Infrareds, so either those people will have to settle for these wannabes, or realize kicks are meant to be worn, and bust their retroes out. Got no VI's though, so these will be copped.

  8. man deff coop…im saving up all mi money just for these, damn i cant believe they are gonna release these in mi life time, last time these came out i was to young to even know wat jordans wer

  9. Those clear bottoms are to die for. I can not wait until these drop. I am gonna double up on the for sure.

  10. I already have two pairs of these on lock. They release in Jan/10 and they are red not infared. I already have two pairs of Space Jams on lock and have had them on lock since march of this year. I guess you heard that. Already have the HOF Retro 1 as well. Anyways dont forget to check out my DS OG DMP's up for auction in size 13 on ebay. My ebay id is ncbargainseller. They are 100% authentic DS only out for pictures. These are the original DMP's for you new Jordan collectors out there. Peace

  11. Its missing 3 things

    1. The og's had 3m material inside the air holes (my biggest problem seeing 3m is not expensive)

    2. They say infrared but they're really

    3. Nike should be on the back

    Point blank JB took enough of my money last year, and they completely half assed these, Im'a pass on these and continue my search for the 1991 and 2001 releases because these are boo boo!!!!!! Im sorry if you guys on here get offended but the truth has to get told sometimes, I cant keep supporting these half ass material J's. I'm anticipating the fire red yeezys though Im starting to hear rumors already about the September release.

  12. These look like fakes. Not copping these. Quality is really bad if this is the one that's coming out.

    Step up your quality, JB!!!

  13. There's a reason that the material or look isnt the same on retro's …. so you can tell the difference … some of you guys are so ignorant .. Congrats if you own the og's but this is exciting for the folks who didnt have a chance to own the originals ….. of course they arent made the same .. there reto's … i dont care what color red they are .. im gettin em .. fire ….

  14. Ima have to think about these. Idk whether or not im feelin the suede… We will have to see. I also Agree with JD i like the black and red… but they need to incorperate more COLORS! Dont get me wrong i love the Bred Look. But gimme Some Blue! I know MJ was on the Bulls (Black and red) but hes retired now and i think they should be thinking outside the box.

  15. Why they gotta make the 7's red and black. They could at least make another fusion or sumthin. I like fusion. The best ones r gonna be the fusion 13s. My moms getting me a pair wen they come out. im so excited!!! :-)

  16. U people go for fried icecream! Why do u keep buying all these recycled jordans? Same color schemes, same shoes, same high as hell prices! Its nice when your parents buy them for you, but when jordan is forcing you to buy a 2-pack for $315, it gets kinda rough! Jordan needs to quit his stuff! Those fusions are terrible too! Same jordan with an AF1 bottom! Open ya eyes people!

  17. jordan head 4 life… how old are you???? first off, these would be the 6s not the 7s… and the black red is the most popular colorway thats why. next,fusions suck!!!! and the 13 is the absolute worst… and thats good you are working to get money and buy your own gay fusions

  18. hahahahhaha, i heard they arent even coming out with the inrared its just gonna be red and black!!! still a cop tho

  19. hahahahhaha, Jordan Head 4 life get some knowledge in yur head first!!!FUSIONS SUCK!!, i heard they arent even coming out with the inrared its just gonna be red and black!!! still a cop tho




  21. Ummm first off not everybody was around wen the infareds came out im 16 i was a tod wen those came out its good to recycle sum jordans soo people can have'em instead of dreaming lol and Jordan head 4 life….Ur a discrace to sneakers period Fusions with all do respect JB SUCK!!! worst inventions every (in my opinion) Its a love or Hate thing These Arent the Infareds Buth these are a Deff COP!!!!

  22. Automatic Copped. Fusions suck balls. These are the Cuda when it comes to MJ's. And the colours are Sick. I can even roll with the suede too If I have to. I sorta like it. I will ball in these cause theyre black.

  23. nice shoes i hope 2010 has some better shoes than 09 wonder if there will be any other retro's

  24. i want to thank anybody that dissed on nike/jordan for coming out with these, and for dissing anybody who said " ohhh man these are soo cool man, too bad i dont know anything about jordans" cus yall need to get your heads out your butt crack, breathe, and realize all these knock off jordans they have been releasing, save up! (you know you have 175 to spend on these) and buyyy you a pair of ds or vnds 1990-2000 pair of jordans so you can see the difference, why do you think these pairs dont last! the comapny wnats you to throw stuff away and buy more, its all in the marketing and they got yall right were they want yall. shout out to any REAL shoe heads that can see through all this bull nike puts up!