Nike Air Max 1 QS-White/Varsity Royal-Neutral Grey-1

Nike is set to release the Air Max 1 in its original Varsity Royal colorway as a Quickstrike release soon in the US. With so much success from the 2009 release of the Nike Air Max 1 in its Varsity Red colorway, Nike decided to release the Varsity Blue colorway just in time for the summer months. As some of you may remember, this Varsity Blue colorway was only released overseas back in 2009. Other retro releases have only been in women’s sizes, making it difficult for many to obtain this iconic piece of Nike history. The Nike Air Max 1 will be available at your local retailers in the coming weeks for a retail price of $92.

Via Extra Butter

Nike Air Max 1 QS-White/Varsity Royal-Neutral Grey

Nike Air Max 1 QS-White/Varsity Royal-Neutral Grey

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