One of the most unusual Nike Air Force 1 Low Premiums is now available online at select Nike Sportswear retailers including ExtraButter. The Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium Vac Tech will feature an all White finish with a high quality Vac Tech leather that may remind you of Foamposite material with its smooth appearance. The Vac Tech addition makes the Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium appear as if the upper is entirely made of a light clay or wax. These are expected to fly off the shelves fast as these are one of the most interesting and uncommon Nike Air Force 1’s to release in awhile.

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  1. This was BULLSHIT.
    Changed the release date from 8/1 to 8/6. DIDN’T release at midnight, released randomly during the day and sold out IMMEDIATELY.
    Never again will I try to get something “anticipated”

  2. oh yeah and NOW all of a sudden people want Air Force Ones when these kicks continuously come out and sit on shelves. Now because they resemble a foamposite, people want it. FOH

  3. Look man I agree with your comments, but your screen name isn’t something I like, you referring to yourself as god is sac-religious