Nike Air Force 1 - Black History Month

Nike commemorates Black History Month 2009 with this Air Force 1 designed with the colors black, green and red. The Air Force 1 was also last years base model which was developed for the month of February. This years model features a black base highlighted with red and green lining and accents and what appears to be a translucent sole possibly revealing writing or graphics. Other details include a black heel pattern and special tongue label. Lastly, the Black History Month Air Force 1 will come in a black bag with a quote which can be read in text after the jump. Stay posted for specific release date.

100 years came and another 100 past

little did they know, nothing would forever last

the land they knew stood for “liberty and justice for all”

however, “we the people” didn’t include them at all

words on paper held no weight

it was time for judicial battle at the mahogany gate

they moved left and then shifted right

they fought for freedom keeping equality in sight

laws were challenged and changes were made

giving us the right to make the grade

thanks to those who fought the fight

moving the darkness and bringing light”

Nike Air Force 1 - Black History Month

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  1. I would like to be the first to say that these are one of the nicest black AF1 lows to come out in a few minuts. The AF1 is a classic, so by using the right colors in the right places is key on this pair. Some may differ from my opinion, and I understand. But that’s the beauty of the AF1, it will always be felt.

  2. wow these r dope, n da poem speaks truth, would love to have these but might not wear them…keep these as a part of history