Nike Air Force 1 Premium Black History Month 2008

Each year Nike recognizes Black History Month with special releases to honor everything the month stands for. They put a great deal of effort into the design process and making each release better than the previous models.

For this year, the men’s Nike Air Force 1 Black History Month above and the rest of the Black History Month models went on display at the Black History Month celebration in Harlem. Continuing to use premium materials, Nike turns to a canvas material combined with earth tones.

In addition, inspirational words from Dr. Carter G. Woodson have been laser etched on the inside of the shoe. Although these were never sold in stores, a size 8 is now listed on eBay.

Nike Air Force 1 Premium Black History Month '08
Nike Air Force 1 Premium Black History Month '08
Nike Air Force 1 Premium Black History Month '08
Nike Air Force 1 Premium Black History Month '08

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  1. Said this before, but I'll say it again…

    The design on the toe box borders on being stereotypically African. If this was taken from historical African art work that would be fine, but this sorta reminds me of those fonts that are supposed to look like kanji (Japanese characters) but are actually just the english alphabet.

    I certainly don't know the source of the design, but… I can't help but think that every single time I see these things.

  2. The message inside is the realest shit i heared in a min ((READ THAT MESSAGE)) forget the shoe

  3. It's a good idea that it's celebratin' Black History Month, but I'm not feelin' the colorway. C'mon Nike, U can do better.

  4. I'm Red, Black and Green with a fist/ I'm also red when the black an green get rolled up in a spliff.

  5. how the hell are you going to express black culture or black history in a sneaker?

    i guess by coloring it brown

    this is foolishness Nike, thanks but no thanks. just keep having our kids kill each other to buy your jordans

  6. They aight, but if there trying to recognize black history month; why not release it to the public.