Having first released in 1993, the Nike Air Carnivore made a lasting impression on the hearts of sneaker fans for reasons that include its high-top cut, color palette, and rugged look. Last year it became known that the Nike Air Carnivore would be retroed in 2010– giving both sneakerheads who had a pair and those who never had a pair before reason to celebrate. To that extent, SneakerFiles would like to show you these pictures of the Nike Air Carnivore 2010 retro scheduled to release this summer. Enjoy the pictures, and let us know if you’re waiting to cop these bad boys.


  1. Hey sdubs I'll give you a rimjob and a blowjob and I'll let you fuck me doggystyle if you give me the old pair

  2. LMAO @ Ja's Rule comment. I DO remember that post… This site is funny… Classic kicks, you would need a hell of an outfit to rock it tho.

  3. Hopefully nike will only stick with the OG colors of these and not whore them out like they have done to so many other classics. Lets also hope that this will usher in the retro of the best basketball sneaker nike ever made, this side of the Huarache 2k4, THE AIR UNLIMITED!!!. Do your research, this was DRobs signature kicks that Grant Hill rocked when Duke became a nike school. Nike subsequently bastardized the name of the sneaker by coming out with some garbage of a sneaker that didn't deserve to be named the Unlimited. Can nike finally do the right thing? Only time will tell.

  4. I know what BXKIXKING is talking about Nike should retro those Unlimiteds. They were pretty dope back in the day, in 94 everybody was rocking em, Jkidd at cal, cwebb, Drob….even Jason Williams in high school