We knew Nike would create a collection of Valetine’s Day-inspired shoes for 2010 as it has for years passed. In fact, we’ve already taken a look at some of them, including a lilac Nike Aerofit high and a red/white Nike Air Force 1 low. Now you can officially add the Nike Big Nike high pictured here to the collection. It comes in a predominantly pink upper, with red ankle lining and a red midsole. The Nike swoosh and outsole come in white. Furthermore, a description of that crazy thing called love can be found on the tongue of this shoe. There’s no question that Valentine’s Day is behind this release. The Nike Big Nike High “Valentine’s Day” 2010 is making its way to participating Nike retailers now, so check-in with your favorite shop as the actual date of February 14th approaches.

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  1. I, for one, am getting a little sick of Nike giving us this cheap plastic crap. Why was the quality better 20 years ago? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

  2. Man these are sick, i have been waiting for nike to make a shoe like this forever, now where do i get these kicks??

  3. real talk…i would rock these only on valentines day wit a tuxedo on…a kanye heart pin thing…n den id be fly…for one day…after that…STR8 TO EBAY muahhahahah!!!

  4. i'm gonna slap someone if i can't get my hands on these. great innovation with the text on the tounge, very powerful. i hope these look good on my feet!