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Watch Michael Jordan Crying Meme Turned into a Pancake

Michael Jordan Crying Meme Pancake

One of the best meme’s on the net would have to be the Michael Jordan crying face. It has reached the lengths of different markets attempting to monetize off it, like t-shirts. But we have a chance of pace in an all new video showing someone created the face into a pancake.

Yes you read that correctly. SBNation was the one who presented the Michael Jordan crying face meme pancake video. In this 31 second clip, it shows the person creating the breakfast treat along with syrup for the tears. Currently the video has 155,000 views which we hope receives more since cartoon character pancakes seem to hit at least a million.

Below is the full clip showing the quick creation of the Michael Jordan crying meme pancake. Let us know what you think and make sure to share this with your friends.

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