Marcus Jordan Causes UCF to Lose Adidas Basketball Scholarships

We all heard about Marcus Jordan and University of Central Florida’s predicament with Adidas, regarding UCF’s six year $3 million contract. If you haven’t, Marcus Jordan refuses to wear Adidas basketball shoes, which is required in the contract for each player of the UCF basketball team, opting to represent his father’s brand, Air Jordan. This led to negotiations between UCF and Adidas to allow Marcus Jordan to get what he wants, while still keeping the contract which funds UCF basketball as well as player scholarships. As a result, despite any clear decision, Marcus Jordan rocked the Rising Sun Air Jordan XII’s, along with Adidas ankle guards for UCF’s first game of the season against St. Leo. This sparked Adidas to retract their contract with UCF, for failure to keep to the dress code. UCF is making an effort to regain their Adidas contract; more updates to come soon.Via USA Today.