Marcus Jordan Causes UCF to Lose Adidas Basketball Scholarships

We all heard about Marcus Jordan and University of Central Florida’s predicament with Adidas, regarding UCF’s six year $3 million contract. If you haven’t, Marcus Jordan refuses to wear Adidas basketball shoes, which is required in the contract for each player of the UCF basketball team, opting to represent his father’s brand, Air Jordan. This led to negotiations between UCF and Adidas to allow Marcus Jordan to get what he wants, while still keeping the contract which funds UCF basketball as well as player scholarships. As a result, despite any clear decision, Marcus Jordan rocked the Rising Sun Air Jordan XII’s, along with Adidas ankle guards for UCF’s first game of the season against St. Leo. This sparked Adidas to retract their contract with UCF, for failure to keep to the dress code. UCF is making an effort to regain their Adidas contract; more updates to come soon.Via USA Today.

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  1. adidas suck anyway; who cares. they did MJ the same way when david stern tried to fine him 5,000 each game he wore the kix.

    adidas will be sorry because besides the sports contracts no one wears them

  2. marcus jordans being very selfish. i mean, adidas suck n all (besides shelltoes), but realisticly hes fucking his whole team over.. arent they salty?

  3. @KixSixAZ-h1n1

    Yeah rock the MJ's because their stylish and better than Adidas (duma^&). Look, I like Jordans better than Adidas, but this just gives us the impression that Marcus is selfish, I mean why enter into a University not knowing what sports brand affiliates and sponsors them? It's plain obvious he entered into this university not knowing squat about it and what business they have with specific sport brands. Or he probably did and thought he could bring his Daddy to change that all up because he's such a hugeee icon (Ain't my icon no more after hearing his real personality). Marcus is an idiot and does not deserve to attend UCF or play ball. He won't even do what his daddy did in the NBA, he's just another basketball player wearing jordan kicks to showoff, and in this case– SELFISHLY. Don't worry, he won't go far with this team anyway, no disrespect to the other players on his team, but it's cause of him that's why.

  4. @C.S

    get your facts straight. The university knew he wanted to wear Jordans when he got recruited and gave him the OK. Adidas even allowed it than they had a power trip.

  5. marcus jordan aint even all dat to be causing a team to lose a $3million dollar endorsement deal..i can see if he was playing like he's gonna be anything like his dad but not so much so it aint worth losing the contract for let em go

  6. Whatever happened to good o' playing the game?????

    Just play the game and play it well

    …then, worry about whats on your feet.

  7. What did ucf or any other college do for any of their players, its about time someone stood up against these theives who make a ton of money off their school teams and give players nothing. all players should rebel and wear what they want, and see then who will be in charge.

  8. Jay in the bay – looks like NO one on this understands that sneakerfiles wrote this article as a follow up, confirming that adidas has OFFICIALLY dropped UCF from endorsements. Plus, yeah UCF gave jordan the okay to wear his own sneakers however that still doesn't justify him acting like a baby. Shoes are shoes – this is such a preventable situation. Hey marcus jordan – YOU SUCK AT BASKETBALL. And 'yall should be actually reading the article instead of just the TITLE.

  9. Bottom line is that it was not going to kill marcus to wear adidas. He could have just worn them for 48 min and then took them off and worn any JB shoes he wanted for the rest of the day. that selfish ass just wanted to show off his J's.

    Anyone who's on a team that wears team shoes just try to do what marcus did and see what will happen to you

  10. MARCUS SUCKS ASS AT BASKETBALL!!!I KUD BEAT HIM AND IM 5 10 18 YRS OLD look the point is he didnt hav to be selfish but i bet jordan took a pen n a chek n sed here theres 3 million bux now adidas go giv sum1 else ur contract.


  12. UCF knew Jordan wanted 2 wear his pops kicks when he played. Jordan knew that the school was down with Adidas when he said he will play for the school. Adidas knew Jordan wanted 2 rock his pop's kicks as well. The school knew they will 2 go through something with Adidas because of this and thuis is what happened. UCF will be down with Nike soon and everything will be ok. I think they did this so that they can change brands. They see that kids don't like Adidas like that and with this going on, it will give them a way to get down with Nike. Shit the school can be like other schools and have the players buy their own kicks to ball in and get jersey's made without any brand logos on them.

  13. Hes a typical spoiled brat he is bein selfish to his teammates the loss of this contract could cause the team to lose money for scholarships….. hes garbage anyway thats y hes at UCF

  14. so I go to UCF and when the topic comes up no one really cares. as long as our teams go out and play everything will take care of itself. oh yeah, and the perk of Marcus playing here are random MJ sightings like our opener v. UMass!

  15. what a little bitch he is, his dad needs to spank his sorry ass and teach him what is like to be a teammate and and sportsman.

  16. yeah, yall are bitter as fk…its not that serious for yall to be in such an uproar. I could care less either way, plus Im not UCF fan anyway so whats it too you? yall could have just read this and kept it moving like you do to all the other post…but noooo…its jordan brand…and it wouldnt be right if I didnt wet the bed 1st like a littl girly boy….

    for so many cats to be so sick of a brand you guys sure do make it your buisness to seek out jordan and and complain to death…

    I woulnt want to wear adidas either personally, and aside from your opinions and the need to be heard, you wouldnt wear them either…same reason why when a new adidas drops on sneakerfiles theres always zero comments and 50+ commenst on ANYTHING jordan related…case end point…

    in other words get a life and stop lurking on the internet all bitter and angry at the world with your over the top comments…surprized nobody made it a race thing yet with all that sh*t you white cats be on nowadays…

  17. ^^^ Agree with johnjohnbalzini. I still dont understand why these racist people have to get on these web sites and display their stupidity. Guess they need the attention. Ironically I just gave them some. Well done… Now if only being equally clever could help you grow straight teeth…