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Concept or Legit? | Nike Lebron XI (11) “Steel Carbon”

Concept or Legit Nike Lebron XI 11 Steel Carbon

A while back, some photos were floating around predicting that the photos of the supposed Lebron XI’s (11) could be the next shoe to be released within the series. Well, those predictions may be correct due to the fact that Lebron James actually wore the sample kicks during practice. The 11’s could have been modeled after the the Bat-mobile in the Batman movies because Lebron’s favorite movie is in fact “The Dark Knight”. From the bottom-up, the sneaker does not look bad at all. The whole base itself is reinforced with Armorposite, which is Foamposite technology. The sneaker is also packed with a Lunarlon midsole and an Air Max cushioning system. The strap has a small resemblance to the KD 4’s but still makes a great addition toward the shoe. The toe of the XI’s seem no different from the Lebron IX series. The way this sneaker is built, it is going to be very difficult to get dirty or scuffed. Regardless, these kicks will not stay in brand new condition if worn for clubbing. So stick to rocking the heat on the streets.

Concept or Legit Lebron XI  11 Steel Carbon 2

From looking at the image above, we can see that Nike has already planned out the next five lineups for the Lebron XI color-ways. The expected release for the new series is around October of this year. So maybe Nike is right about having the most ambitious project with lightweight performance innovation. Only one way to find out and that is unfortunately to wait. What are your thoughts about the XI’s? Cop or pass?

EDIT: The below two images are an upcoming Nike LeBron Solider.
Concept or Legit Lebron XI  11 Steel Carbon 3

Concept or Legit Lebron XI  11 Steel Carbon 5


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