LeBron James Signs New Deal With Nike

Wednesday afternoon, Nike INC. disclosed information stating that they had reached an agreement with LeBron James about a new sneaker and apparel deal. James signed a seven-year, $93 million contract with Nike in May 2003. His contract was set to end next month, but not anymore. LeBron’s business partner Maverick Carter has stated that the new deal will last longer than seven years, but he has not disclosed any concrete numbers about the length of the deal or the amount of money James will receive annually. Though nobody knows what team LeBron James will be playing for next season, at least we now know that we will surely spot Nikes on his feet wherever he ends up.


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  1. I sometimes feel like selling off all of my Jordans and Nikes. It only takes 5 dollars to makes theses shoes and Nike will charge us 150. Its like this vicious circle where we fall victim to what society tells us to wear. Sadly though, Im addicted to kicks. Man, even as Im writing this, Im rocking the Lebrons red carpets.

  2. This new money he will get from Nike maybe 2X what he got from them the 1st time. As bobby stated this shit is a vicious circle and I 2 have become a victim of being addicted 2 kicks. Just 2 think it takes only $5 or less 2 make a sneaker that they sell 2 the stores for $32-$60 and the stores sell 2 us for $75-$200 gets into my head. I remember I did a report 4 one of my marketing classes about this and I had the professor ask me when he gave me back my paper, "Y do u still go out and pay that price on sneakers", I told him I do it because I like them. That report got me to think that I 2 should start a sneaker company and from that day on I have been working on a clothing company so that I can try 2 make me some money off of this addiction that I have. Who knows if it will get as big as Nike, Adidas, Polo, and any other brand, but I will try 2 make it that way. So on that note, I hope Jebron gets 2 have something like Jordan with Nike and he can enjoy a long a beautiful business relationship with Nike. I hope Nike finds a young talented designer 2 work on his sneakers because they do need some help. Shit they should bring me on so that Lebron can have some fly kicks lol…

  3. Thx Leo. Im sure many other people agree that we are only reinforcing the sweatshops by making these purchases. Buts its hard not to buy them. I mean, one look at the Spacejams and Im drooling. It could be the millions of dollars Nike uses to advertise its products and convinces us that if we buy their products we will be happy. Ok, I promise after the VI Infared Package comes out in June I will stop. Oh god, its crack.

  4. They cost more than $5 to make. In general, most Nikes cost about 1/4-1/3 to make of what we pay.

  5. I have a feeling Fake 23 and Soysauce are just Nike reps trying to convince us that it costs more than 5 dollars. Nobody really knows the true cost, but I do know Indonesia sweatshop workers would get typically get about 1-2 dollars per day for working about 12 hours. Yeah, you can't hide that fact.

  6. We should cut the middle man out and got to indonesia start a company and sale real nikes and jordan if we offer more than nike pays the employees im pretty sure we would be able to get some exclusives straight from the factory!