Knicks Ewing Focus Retro Teaser Part II

After the way the Knicks handled the Pacers at MSG in game 2, Knicks fans can almost taste a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals. Looking to accompany the Knicks deep run into the playoffs could be the arrival of the “Knicks” Ewing Focus Retro.

Scheduled to release sometime this summer, the Ewing Focus Retro is looking to carry the torch passed to them by the Ewing 33 Hi that left an indelible mark on the sneaker world upon its return. As the Knicks flame continues to burn bright, can the Ewing Focus Retro do the same? Does it have what it takes to outshine the frenzy the Ewing 33 Hi brought back to the sneaker game?

We’d like to hear all you sneakerheads thoughts on these questions. after you check out the new teaser images of course, and let us know how you feel about the return of the Ewing Focus Retro.

Knicks Ewing Focus Retro Teaser Part II


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