Kanye West Nike Diss Facts Song

Kanye West just dropped a new track for New Years Eve and the whole song is taking shots at Nike and Jordan Brand. The infamous quote started by West “Yeezy Jumped Over the Jumpman” rings through the track, but it doesn’t just stop there.

The song is titled ‘Facts’ and Kanye West just released the song less than an hour ago. He goes on to say Nike (Jordan Brand) would be nothing without Drake and (Nike) Mark Dolce who recently left Nike for adidas and in return Nike sued him but later was settled. Yeezy also goes on to say the Swoosh gave LeBron James a Billion not to run away and they treat their employees like slaves. There is much more, and worth the little over 3 minutes to listen to.

Below you can listen to the full song by Kanye West ‘Facts’ which we embedded for your listening pleasure. We aren’t going to lie, the song is nice and wonder if any other rappers are going to step up for Nike and Jordan Brand. Drake, it’s your turn.