Justin Taylor, designer of the Jordan Melo M9 talks with us about the design and the technology that went into Carmelo Anthony’s next shoe.

A few highlights from the video; Melo wanted the M9 to fit like Iron Man’s suit with layers of protection but not bulky. Overall a sleek design, but the shoe was not technically inspired by the Superheros suit. Inspiration actually came from high end watches.

The Jordan Melo M9 weighs slightly above 14 ounces, the lightest Melo to release and a half of an ounce lighter than the M8. The weight is evenly distributed throughout the shoe, so it feels a lot lighter.

Carmelo Anthony will be debuting the Jordan Melo M9 around Christmas time this year. For more info on the shoe, check out the video.

Justin Taylor Talks Jordan Melo M9 Design + Tech