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  1. if that heart wasnt there then i would cop but that just ruins the shoe. probably terrible material too

  2. I guess if you alreay got earlier olymp 7s no need for these the heart on the shoe is not worth the hype or hassel….

    btw to dat one poster qs means quick strike as in once they sell out its over

  3. Must COP!!! Nd the material do look cheap but f it ii missed out on the 04 pair nd ii can't let it happen again

  4. im sick of retros.the same thing over and over.just slight diffrences in colors that all. its time to make somthing totaly new. and stop tweaking the old stuff.

  5. I dont have problems wit retros so long as they retro something ol. the bordeux viis comes to mind. when they over retro it kills thbe shoes… like what they r doing with the foamposits

  6. okkkk they gotta be 150 right since the 7 pack that had two in was 300 ?????? and when yall say limited release or qs . yall mean like how the space jams was??? cuz i dont have time to fight nobody after camping out for 9 hours just to get a pair….been there done that lol