Jordan Heads Documentary Shoot

In an attempt to document the legacy of the Air Jordan line and break a Guinness Book World Record, the Jordan Heads group is calling for people to show-up to discuss their favorite Air Jordan. This seems like a great way to capture the essence of the Jordan Brand and its products. The shoot will be held on August 23rd, 2008 in front of the United Center in Chicago, be sure to be there around 10 a.m for early arrival.

Jordan Heads Documentary Shoot
Jordan Heads Documentary Shoot


  1. It s also looking thankfully like it might be a bit easier on the legacy here. We had to cross front to get there, but it was worth it; it was really good. With its products.

  2. i wonder how many people will be wearing/holding up fakes, lol

    ill take a poll after 3 days, post what percentage of J's will be fakes at this event, ill tally after 3 days

    i say 73% of the kiks there will be fakes, ha

    holla if you wanna see a legit collection [email protected]

  3. FUUUUUCK! I live out here in california… i wanna be there so badly… TRY AND MAKE THE NEWS TOO! SPREAD THE WORD EVERYONE! but if i could go, id raise my OG spizikes in the air. 😀 Everyone whos going, just know, i am sittin at home waiting for the news segment and the movie. lucky bastards…

  4. that wud be tight to go. I'd hold up the fire red V's my favorites, only behind the white/cemnt 3's (my grails =[)


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