Jordan Brand Ends Carmelo Anthony Signature Shoe

Carmelo Anthony recently joined the Oklahoma City Thunder for his 15th Season in the NBA. However there is another change that will take place.

News broke from ESPN’s Nick DePaula that Jordan Brand has officially ended the ‘Melo’ signature line. To date we have seen 13 models release with the last being the Jordan Melo M13.

What will Carmelo Anthony wear during the upcoming season and beyond? He is expected to wear the Air Jordan 32, Air Jordan Retros and even remix versions of his first signature shoe.

Going forward, Carmelo Anthony will be a key feature athlete part of Jordan Brand even though his signature line is over. In addition Jordan Brand is said to take a different ‘refresh’ approach to signature shoes in the future.

Update: Jordan Brand has issued the following statement regarding Carmelo Anthony’s signature shoe:

“Melo is a long-time and respected member of the Jordan family. As is the case with all Jordan family athletes, we work together with Melo on a footwear plan each year, and no decisions have been finalized about future models. Any decision made will be a collaborative one between Melo and Jordan Brand.”

Jordan Brand Ends Carmelo Anthony Signature Shoe

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