Jordan 6-17-23 Black/Carmine-White New ImagesOn January 8th, 2011 the Jordan 6-17-23 will be hitting retail at a price point of $145.

Our readers and other sneaker lovers all over the web have expressed their dismay over this ‘New’ silhouette. While we can’t knock Jordan Brand for trying it, we have to say that someone really needs to sit back and think if this model should be released. Personally, the .5 series was far superior to this mash up… even the Alpha Jordan 1 was a great idea, but this is something that should have stayed in the vault.

Via HoopChina


  1. I don't think they look too bad except for the colors. The white rear panel completely kills it. Kit it black and red and it's all gravy.

  2. deze arent that bad mann.its not the shoe. Its the way yu wear them. The way they laced up in the pic i wud leave em jus like that wit ah crazy outfit.

  3. The black, aqua and purple ones are ugly. How does the colors purple and aqua relate to Michael Jordan? The Carmines are OK, I bought them a few weeks ago. It took me a while to get used to it. The tongue could be a little smaller.


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