In October we brought you a look at some of the Air Jordan releases especially designed for the House of Hoops opening in Houston, Texas. Now, four of those shoes will be available for purchase from the Chicago House of Hoops starting this Saturday, December 19th. Two of the four shoes are Air Jordan Force Fusions- a bred XIII and a red/blue/white IV with speckled midsoles. The other two are both the Air Jordan I in a high-top cut and the same colorways. Congrats to Chicago for being blessed with this opportunity by Jordan Brand. Which of the four shoes would you be gunning for the most were you given the opportunity to choose from all four? To help you decide, you can check out more pictures of each shoe after the jump.

Via Footlocker.

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  1. omg…

    whos buyin dese fusion?! i mean, JB is releases fusions every week, some stupid kids must buy dese…stop dem :D

    and who told Jb, that speckle-design is a must in 2009-2010. never hated sumthin more, than dese speckles. the black I is ok so far…but we dont need a AJ I every week. u r killin a legend…

  2. better question…why would they drop a HOUSTON-inspired series at the HOH in CHICAGO???

    The 1's go fed tho…

  3. not a fusion liker, but the 4 fusions up there go hard. speckle design look good to me

  4. "Congrats to Chicago for being blessed with this opportunity by Jordan Brand."

    Stop it.

    Nike/Jordan is a company. They're SELLING products. They should be thanking us, their customers who support their brand, for blessing THEM with the opportunity to sell things to us. It'd be different they were giving kicks away, but they're not.

    Also, these are Fusions! Not really much to be excited about. The only thing about them worth mentioning is that they're a "limited" HOH release. If these dropped as GR's, they'd hit outlets.

  5. Is anyone else tired of EVERYTHING being quickstrike or limited edition? It kind of defeats the purpose of limited when every friggin pair that drops is limited! It seems like the only places that get all this stuff is HOH or undftd anyway. And I agree, they are fusions, not something to go nuts over, Im just glad all of the 12 retro's were GR's and of course the Space Jams!

  6. A YO! F what u heard, I been wanting them Fusion 4s since HOH Houston, anyone in da Chi, that can make that happen for me. HIT ME UP on yahoo, popeye_da_mc2, I need dem in a size 10. Real talk!

  7. I pray JB stop this fusion madness, this shit is ridiculous. It's goin' on 2 yrz now, I know ppl kan't be on those shits dat much. Both pair of 1s is kool tho, especially tha blacks, whts would be better w/o tha straps.