The House of Hoops phenomenon is hitting not only statewide, but also worldwide. Recently, we brought you word that yet another stateside House of Hoops location was opening up- this time in Houston, Texas. Nike, of course, had a couple of goodies prepared for this event- among which was a pair of Nike Houston Hyperize’s. But, it appears as though the surprises did not end there. During the opening, a pair of Air Jordan I High’s and Air Jordan Fusion IV’s in a white patent leather-red/navy blue colorway were on display. Furthermore, the pairs of shoes also boasted speckled blue midsoles- for added flavor. These have been seen only during the Houston’s House of Hoops’ opening, with no word yet- either positive or negative- on a general release. If any information comes up, rest assured we’ll deliver it to you. For now, enjoy the pix after the jump.

Via TSG.


  1. yall are missing the other pair that dropped the same weekend in the galleria, an all black pair with a white and red sole and 3m type design, has space city on insole as well.

  2. I can tell you for a fact that these are a Houston House Of Hoops exclusive. Limited to 50 pairs at each store. I was at the grand opening at Northline mall and was told this information from an associate. They also had a pair of ones covered in 3m like the 13s. They were limted to Houston only as well.

  3. I Don't get why they put fusions and not real 4's they know nobody liked them, and why did they put regular 1's at least if you are gonna put fusions put a pair of air force 1's in there instead so this pack would make more sense.

  4. Lol i think everybody had the same idea

    when they saw those fusions. "A new retro 4 dropping!!!

    ,:( no….". lol

  5. fuk this they are fuking hidoues man idk why they start making all these dam fusions thats a real embarecment for jb to do dat shit

  6. dey got me………………….

    fuck fusions, fuck the dumbass who put the fusion behind the 1…………………….and oh yea………………the person wit tha cam can s my c for trickin me…………………

    love the 1z


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