Our D-town followers have something very special coming their way as FILA has announced its delivery of the “Motor City” Pack

With ties to Jerry Stackhouse and Grant Hill who both happen to be former Detroit Pistons players, this all-star line-up features the Fila 95 ($95), Spaghetti ($90), Overpass ($70), and O-Tennis ($70) models in commemorative Pistons colors. Offering mixed materials and traditional branding, the “Motor City” Pack is definitely a winner in our books.

With official images at hand, look for the FILA “Motor City” Pack to hit FILA dealers and on May 29th.

fila-motor-city-pack-2 fila-motor-city-pack-3 fila-motor-city-pack-4 fila-motor-city-pack-5 fila-motor-city-pack-6 fila-motor-city-pack-7 fila-motor-city-pack-8 fila-motor-city-pack-9 fila-motor-city-pack-10 fila-motor-city-pack-11 fila-motor-city-pack-12 fila-motor-city-pack-13 fila-motor-city-pack-14 fila-motor-city-pack-15