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Lafayette x Fila 93 Overpass Pack

Lafayette x Fila 93 Overpass Pack

While Fila has released some nice footwear, their collaborations have been the standout from the brand. As you may have expected we have...
Alumni Fila Overpass Jamaican Beef Patty

Alumni x Fila Overpass ‘Jamaican Beef Patty’

FILA and New York based retailer, Alumni, have cooked up a collaboration, the Alumni x Fila Overpass 'Jamaican Beef Patty'. Though it’s found in most...
Fila Temperature Pack

Fila ‘Temperature’ Pack

Once the calendar enters the month of April it's presumed that warmer weather is in fact just around the corner. Temperatures continue to climb...
Fila Relay Pack

Fila ‘Relay’ Pack

Fila will launch a new pack that will feature two of their vintage runners. The Overpass and Mindbenders will launch apart of a...
Fila Overpass Green Earth Day

Fila Overpass ‘Green Earth Day’

Depending on what part of the world you're from, Earth Day which took place on April 22nd is still going and you may have...
Fila MB 1 Turning Tide

Fila MB 1 & Overpass ‘Turning Tide’ Pack

Grant Hill isn't the only Fila athlete to have his sneakers retro, for the first time Jamal Mashburn will have his pair return, once...
Fila Overpass and KJ7 Snow Expedition Pack

Fila Overpass & KJ7 ‘Snow Expedition’ Pack

Some sports can only be done in the winter like snowboarding and skiing, Fila with ties to the colder sports will release a two...
Fila 95 Lemon and Lime Sprite

Fila Grant Hill 95 + Overpass ‘Lemon & Lime’ Sprite Pack

"Grant Hill drinks Sprite?" Well yes he does or at least he did. People that watched Basketball during the 90s or T.V. in...

FILA Overpass “Red” Pack

Just coming off of the release of the KJ7 "Suns," FILA is giving fans new colorways for their Overpass model. The FILA Overpass "Red"...

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