Drake Wears All Gold Air Jordan 3

Yesterday Drake held the OVO Fest which brought out Trey Songz, J. Cole, YG, DJ Khaled, Usher, Lauryn Hill and others. When Drake hit the stage he was spotted wearing an all gold Air Jordan 3.

We don’t know if this is an OVO Air Jordan 3 or a pair made for Drake without the OVO branding, either way from the pictures we have gathered they look nice.

Check out all the pictures below and let us know what you think about the Gold Air Jordan 3 worn by Drake.

Drake Wears All Gold Air Jordan 3

Drake Wears All Gold Air Jordan 3

Drake Wears All Gold Air Jordan 3

Sources: drakeenespanol, nigel_d, virgosister, power_106 on Instagram.


  1. why would he wear fake j’s. you do know that he is coming out with his own jordans and is working with the jordan brand why would he wear fake shoes lol.

  2. Why is it hating if I give my thoughts on something! See that’s the problem right there… If a person doesn’t agree with the flow of BS then that person is hating!! Fuck out of here with that! If I keep going on about something then u can say I’m hating but if I just said my opinion and left it at that then it’s clearly not hating! Also I called the shoes fake because if it’s not issued thru NIKE.. Then there are FAKE. And if they are but painted or whatever then they are customs! Either way I don’t like em! Thank you!

  3. Drake is signed to tha Jordan brand, ovo 10s & 12s btw, and with that bein said how hard would it be for someone with that connect to have his own custom 3s, jus cause its not an Og colorway doesnt mean they’re fake..smh of tha .straight ignorance of some of yall

  4. And I assume you jealous , hating ass mother fuckers. Have Better shoes than Drake right? The hate is real.


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