Under Armour Offering Kevin Durant $30 Million Per Year?

What is most talked about today is if Kevin Durant will re-sign with Nike and reports are circling that he may sign with Under Armour for a reported $30 Million per year.

Last week KD’s contract with Nike expired and he even canceled a planned 3 day visit to Nike Headquarters. This helps make the assumption that a signing with UA is probable.

Other reports suggest that Under Armour, a company from Baltimore will play off of Kevin Durant being from the D.C. and Maryland area.

LeBron James estimated annual earnings from Nike is $20 million, so the company would have to match UA offer to keep KD.

Stick to Sneaker Files as we will continue to keep you up to date on where Durant lands.


  1. I don’t think I could rock UA if he switch they would have to step they sneaker game up BIG TIME!!!!!

  2. Ummm…on the business terms good deal offer..but looking at consistency in sneaker game UA, ain’t on that Jordan/Nike level yet..seems they offering a wish ticket, to see if KD can make their brand more basketball name worthy..Still yet can’t see this marking up the brand; but will keep a watchful eye on the UA stocks now…lol..$$$

  3. Under armor has never I say NEVER made an attractive shoe. After that 30 million investment with no return and probably end up loosing money. He will be back with Nike for less than he was making at first with Nike.

  4. Underarmer make ugly shoes but, fuck it, take their money and have total creative control over shoe design.

  5. The UA shoe game is still young in the game. Steph Curry shoe doesn’t turn heads and he’s one of the faces of the brand.

  6. Nike is better but I don’t blame him if he goes to Under Armor cause Nike can but won’t match 30 mill a yr.

  7. Kd take the money trust me give it a few years and nike will call you again, it wont be 30mill but they will call

  8. Dezmond Mathews Jessie Combs Anthony Norman Norman Carter if he sign with under armor his kicks value should sky rocket!

  9. They said he had a 7 yr contract with Nike for 60 million. You do the math……! They also said Nike made 175 Million off him last yr. Umm there is nothing else to think about. Yes I’ll take the 270 million over the next 7 years where do I sign do y’all need ink or blood…..!