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Discussion: What’s Your Story?

Discussion: What's Your Story?

We are all here for one reason, we’re all Sneakerheads. Whether we are casual sneaker lovers or addicted enthusiasts, sneakers are something in which we all share a common passion for.

What’s your story, how did it start for you?

Discussion: What's Your Story?

It was in the 6th Grade when I had started to actually notice sneaker brands… right around the same time I started to really get into basketball. Yet it took me two years to convince my mom Nikes were not just shoes, they were THE shoes. Of course Jordan was in the mix but that discussion was shot down faster than the 16 bit duck on my Nintendo system.

So there I was… going to school after a long weekend of explaining to my mom I wouldn’t get picked on again if only I had some Nikes. A glorious pair of black/white Nike Air Flights (found at a store closing sale for $40) wrapped my feet as I strutted into school, feeling fly as a mother… then some dude came by and stepped on my kicks!?! You remember that? When going to school with your new sneakers for the first time was like walking into a battlefield… bobbing and weaving through traffic avoiding all contact with human life because there were people who want to ruin your hard earned (or moderately begged for) purchase!

As I stood there shocked in disbelief that some person would come over and step on my brand new sneakers, a smile broke through… they may have gotten a little messed up, but they were still Nikes.

I was 12 years old by the time I got my first pair of real sneakers, 13 when I had my first pair of J’s thanks to my older brother hooking it up with his used Black/Red XIs, both of which were worn until the soles fell off. Since then I have never looked back… I’ve been in love with sneakers ever since; Nike, Jordan, Reebok, adidas, DC… you name it; I’ve worn it and loved every second of it.

Even if you no longer have the same passion for kicks that you once had, you will always remember that 1st pair. How it felt to hold them in your hands, rock them on your feet… the smell of leather, back when all you could smell was leather instead of the toxic glue…

What’s your story; did that first pair help shape and mold you into the Sneakerhead you are today? Do you still have that very first pair or do patiently wait until you are reunited once again?

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