Toronto Raptors high-flyer DeMar DeRozan posted a picture of his newest batch of Nike Zoom Kobe V (5) iD’s on his Twitter account about half an hour ago. The lowtop sneaker is personalized with DeRozan’s number 10 stitched into the heel, and is painted in variations of white, red, black, navy blue, and flint grey. What do you think of DeMar’s ZKV iD collection compared to others you’ve seen on NBA courts this year?

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  1. kobe's shoes are average at best.

    the id of kobe's shoes here is subpar.

    too simple and the colors are so basic.

  2. that said I dont like em. you picked the right career as a baller and not a shoe designer.

  3. black and red dope. the rest wack. Ayo he got Robbed at the dunk contest. nate was smart when it came to the vote n. HE got the cowboy Cheerleaders out there. 49% TO 51% ha. Demar won. even tho his dunks look like finger tip dunks they were dope

    Blood Out

  4. Joe Mama… these are shoes he made to wear in NBA games….. why would he make a trojan colorway? maybe he did and is just not showing them because he's showing the ones he wears in games… notice how they're all raptor's colorways… the royal and white are their throwback jerzeys