Earlier today we informed our followers that team Jordan Brand has added an incentive for its fans to seek out the Silver Anniversary Air Jordan III, IV, and IX. For everyone else who doesn’t win the “once-in-a-lifetime” grand prize, the Air Jordan IV Silver Anniversary pictured here will not be too shabby of a consolation prize. Resembling the “Pure $” Air Jordan IV of four years ago, take a look at new pictures of this AJ IV Silver Anniversary here and after the jump. How does this Silver Anniversary Air Jordan silhouette compare to the III and IX?


  1. damian2345 says:

    I missed on the Pure $ before so ima definatly cop these and the Oreo 6's


  3. DeEzNuTz23 says:

    Jus So..so..fresh!

  4. Man….these ARE the Pure $s…they're just trying to make these seem special. they're still fresh though..

  5. what's the difference with the pure $ ???

    I mean they look nice, but it's supposed to be a special series for the 25th anniversary and I see the 3s and 4s exactly the same as not so old retros

  6. lorockznikes says:

    i agree w red..dis is jus like da ones dat dropped like 4 years ago..n i kno dat da "silver" means 25 years but can we jus get all da jordans 1-23 in jus breds n unc colors..cuz these all white BS r garbage..except for da XI..if i wanted all white kix id buy some uptowns

  7. These are going to Yellow horribly

  8. Oreo 6s oreo 6s oreo 6s that's what I'm coppin on the 20th

  9. Eldon Chisholm says:

    Does anyone know which stores will be selling what shoes.

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