Concepts x Nike SB Yellow Lobster Dunk - New Pictures

At the release event of the Concepts x Nike SB Blue Lobster Dunk at Concepts, we spotted the Nike SB Yellow Lobster Dunk, which was rumored to be more exclusive than any other sneaker in the SB Lobster Dunk series. We now have new pictures and more information about that pair to share. The SB Yellow Lobster Dunk was supposedly created by the folks over at Nike specifically for Concepts employees, and will most likely never make its way to any retailers. Whatever the case may be, this SB Dunk hosts a yellow upper with brown, red, and white accents. Be sure to stay tuned for any more updates on the Concepts x Nike SB Yellow Lobster Dunk.

Via Butchers Block.

Concepts x Nike SB Yellow Lobster Dunk - New Pictures

Concepts x Nike SB Yellow Lobster Dunk - New Pictures

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  1. im so sick and tired of nike right now…I mean they could make sooooooo much more money if they just release the HOT shoes to the public. the past yr has been full of this..employee only..friends family shit. or let make 150 and piss everyone off..or international release only. wonder why you have to lay off ppl.

  2. They're nice, Its just TOO soon. The Blue Lobsters just came out and they're already talking about another lobster.

  3. Passenger57: The reason why Nike doesn't make 20,000 pairs of everything because wouldn't you want to be unique rocking a pair of Tiffs?? Or would you rather have the Tiff's on the sale rack at Macy's?

    The people who really want it, they'll grab it and turn heads.

    Simple marketing my friend, demand has to significantly outweigh the supply if you want your item to have any sort of value.

  4. And about the Yellow Lobsters.

    The red ones were really unique. Great materials, good colorway. Very original.

    The blue ones were good too. Just gives a new look.

    Yellow ones are o.d. I'm sorry they're nice, but yeah, Concepts needs to come up with a new "concept".

    Although this was just made for the employees, they should come out with another new original idea. Which I'm sure they will.

    I just don't want to see, 3 years down the road, Pink, Purple, Green, Black, Brown, ect ect lobsters.

  5. Concepts does it good. Their outlet in the tannery was and still is a good spot, now their boutique really does it better. Keep it up Boston. Shoes are dope.

  6. Nike is dumb. Releasing too many lobsters decreases its value. C'mon im trying to make money here.

  7. the red ones was a good concept…

    the blue f*****g smacking just because blue always looks better then red….

    the yellow ones shouldnt of NEVER surfaced they look over did too much going on

  8. To me the yellow lobsters look like Newcastles that caught the measles.

    Concepts is a nice little boutique run by nice people, but they don't have much in the store beyond current releases and if not for the Lobster mania each year I doubt they'd have any name for themselves at all. Another Boston operation called At The Buzzer is doing a much better job of making a variety of collectible sneakers available, both at the shop and online.

  9. lol, it's lobsters dipped in butter. IDK if these are suede, but they should be because then they'll be buttery soft ;)

    seriously though, lobsters are getting tired ESP. with these O.D. joints hitting around the same time as blue ones and generating that hype (although they aren't coming out, so it's whatever for anyone that wants them).

    nike sb needs to design better sneakers / use better colours – these have a similar c/w to the newcastles (just different presentation obv.)

  10. how many times are you boston homos going to get hyped over the same pair of about originality,these must have taken a long time to come up with, go concepts.

  11. yo i think that the yellow are dope but i dont think that they should be talking bout a diff lobster when they just came out with the blue lobster but i do think that when they do (if they do)im going to camp outside the store covert just like i did for the blue lobsters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the record blue lobsters have been the best out yet! ————i love graffiti——

  12. i think they came up with the blue lobster dunks because there was a l lobster that was found and it was blue so they might not come with all colors unless they found lobsters tat where purples ect. with that but only 30 of these yellow ones where made which i think is awsome even though i dint get a pair

  13. i saw these on they look legit, check em out and tell me what you guys think

  14. Wow how sad these r going to make the lobster nike sb collection a drag. Hopefully they dont bring the value of the other lobsters down. By the way leave people alone who dont skate and wear nike sb if they want to be posers let them be dont hound them about it. Be nice and (laugh quietly)