Concepts x Nike SB Yellow Lobster Dunk

At the release of the Concepts x Nike SB Blue Lobster Dunk, a different colored Nike SB Lobster Dunk was spotted on the feet of Concepts’ owner, Tarek Hassan. This Dunk SB hosts a yellow upper accented by white laces, a gum sole, a white tongue, a brown swoosh, and a red/white inner lining similar to the OG Lobster Dunk that released back in June ’08. Unfortunately, there is no concrete information regarding whether or not this sneaker will release, so be sure to stay tuned for updates. Whatever the case may be, please share your favorite Nike SB Lobster Dunk colorway by leaving a comment below.

Via Hype Beast.

Concepts x Nike SB Yellow Lobster Dunk

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  1. Those yellow lobsters are hot, but I'm stuck on the blue ones.

    I wonder if they plan to release more lobster dunks. Like the even more rare two toned lobster or the Yeti Lobster. Yeti Lobster Dunks would be sick.

  2. Man these are hot but the blue lobsters are my kryptonite right now they are amazing i am hoping they come in the foam box when they get released everywhere else but i'm not going to get my hopes up…

  3. I agree.

    The whole concept of a lobster inspired shoe is great.

    Red ones are the instant classic, blue ones are just H/B, but still good.

    Going a little overboard with the lobster inspiration.

    Now we might see a light blue lobster, green lobster, pink, black white ect ect.

  4. when i was in line for the blue everyone went crazy when he wore the yellow then everyone called the spongebob because i started it and then there was rumor that one box of the blue had the yellow in it

  5. Don't know who started that stupid rumor, I think it was a way to get people to open up the bos since people were scare to open it bcuz it might lose value. Although i think that would've been a great idea since the yellow lobster is so rare and wikipedia says there exists one in 33 million yellow lobster out there. The owner of Concept said he was the only one with the pair in the world!

  6. the other color ways that were release were OK this thing lost kinda fake but it will be good for yall to release some orange lobsters because orange lobster are rare and it was on the news so it will be a great idea for them release an orange lobsters next