Celebrity Sneaker Sightings - Drake's Air Jordan VIII Sugar Ray PE

Celebrities and sneakers always mix, because money and sneakers always mix. That’s why it’s no surprise that Drizzy Drake surfaced a picture of himself for us to envy. The Canadian rapper has got himself a pair of Air Jordan VIII Sugar Ray Player Exclusives. These were very hard to get, as a very limited run was produced. No doubt that Drake dropped a lot of dough to get these, or it could be that his celeb status got him some free heat. Whatever the case, Drake has the Air Jordan VIIIs in the black/stealth-clover colorway, and a piece of Ray Allen history.

Via October’s Very Own.


  1. Andres ur a hater man

    Drake's doing his thing and he's doing it big

    calling him the Gayest wnt mean a thing

    cuz he's not worried about petty crap like tht

    ohkayy in the mean time Drizzys got on what may be the next sexiiest Jordan 8 nxt to the aquas IMO

    2 bad Jordan Brand wont release this colorway


  2. drizzy…. wow not only him, but all of cash money is weak… including lil wayne, the only reason wezzy got up there is cus he was good at startin fads…. i give it to them tho.. they know to market their ideas an makes idots buy their worthless music….

  3. mc doc, don't lie i know your on drakes d**k too just like every other drake hater. don't lie to yourself. you love young money

  4. fuck a drake..he cant be doing it that big if he aint got his own PE shoe from jordan..nice attempt tho wanna be rapper…go fucking act lames ass bitch

  5. 1. Drake isnt necessarily a bad rapper, he's just no better than a lot of others. Which I guess ultimately means he does suck, because rap is at its lowest talent level in decades – seriously.

    2. Weezy was sick as a Hot Boy. Ever since he started "singing" he got soft as hell.

    3. I still like the "aqua" look better than the green on those 8's…

  6. Hahaha Haters make me laugh!!

    Drake is Sick!!! So y'all might as well stop!!

    And everyone (besides you haters) likes him!

    You can't even listen to the radio for 5 min. With out hearing a Drake song!

    These 8's are sick too!! I wish I had the bred for them.

  7. "Haha" does that mean everything you hear on the radio sick? So what, are you an abed Jonas Brothers fan or something as well??? Just cuz its on the radio or tv doesnt mean that their sick. Hyped yes, but sick no. The simple fact everyone likes him and hes on the radio every 5 mins (like you say) makes sick of him. If every mindless teenager likes him and so do you, doesnt that make you wonder? No diss if you are a teenager… Anyways, whatever, I dont care who likes him, I personally find him irritating. To each his own tho…

  8. If you are hating on Drake you are doing nothing but promoting him by going into an article with his name on it and commenting. It makes someone who hasnt heard about Drake pick up his music and ultimately make him more popular. So a note to haters if you are hating on someone you probably shouldnt comment cus you are actually helping the person you hate. okbye..Ps those 8's are fire

  9. Why yall sayin how drake is wack on a sneaker site….this is to judge sneakers not rappers…Just to get this out Drake is a good rapper listen to songs like Fear, Say whats real,The Search he is pretty good. Stop hating all yall

  10. i don't care if i hype by hating on him, i'm just stating my opinion. I agree 100% with K2

    if you want to hear real rhythm and rhyme skills, take a listen to Deltron 3030 – Zero

  11. wow!!!!!!! first off those 8s is fire. hatin on drake your trippin bro. you guys keep on gettin your couple hundred of dollars and keep your lil shoe game up and realize when somebody comes up and respect it and quit hatin.