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Celebrity Shoe Sightings (Converse Edition)

In our last Celebrity Shoe Sightings, we showcased A-List celebrities such as Kanye West, Eric Dane, Hayden Christensen and Seth Rogan wearing New Balance shoes. This time around, we take a look at celebrities wearing various Converse sneakers.

Natalie Portman is pictured here; sporting a pair of white Chuck Taylors. The next celeb found in the post is Adrian Grenier of HBO’s Entourage. Grenier was spotted in New York City, wearing the classic black/white Chuck Taylor. Following Grenier is Madonna who has always had a unique style. Madonna is pictured in a pair of the Chuck Taylor All Star High. Rihanna walks though LAX wearing some Chucks; followed by Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck wearing the Grey Converse All Star Slip-On and Black All-Star Slip-On, respectively.

Adrian Grenier (Entourage) In Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

Madonna In Chuck Taylor All Star Highs

Rihanna In Chuck Taylor All Star

Jennifer Aniston In All Star Slip-On

Ben Affleck in All Star Slip

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