Air Jordan Pro Classic - June Releases

While there have been several previews displaying a variety of hybrid models and the Air Jordan I (1) in new color schemes, we get a look at the newest Jordan Brand sneaker, the Air Jordan Pro Classic. Scheduled for June are two make-ups of the Pro Classics available in either black/varsity red/cement or white/black. The first pair is given the Air Jordan III (3) treatment with an upper composed of black and complemented with cement print and varsity red accents. The second model consists of a more simple design made up of white base with black stitching. Both will be available on June 1st retailing at $90.

Air Jordan Pro Classic - June Releases

Air Jordan Pro Classic - June Releases

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  1. it is now obvious da jordan brand is running out of ideas…just start putting out retroes…no more team shoes

  2. Yo real talk I agree wit u core day need 2 put out da retros than da teams or da fusions don't get me wrong I like fusion but I rather have da retros

  3. that first pair looks like they took the 3s, the 12s and air force ones and had a big accident. which is a shame, since just-plain 3s and fusion 3s look awesome, and just-plain 12s and fusion 12s look okay, no need to mix everything up together.

    however, that price is a lot less absurd than the usual jordan prices, so i might just get a pair to kick the crap with, so i don't mess up my fusion 3s when im going to the gym or walking in dirt.

  4. I toldly agree we those guys before me they

    on some bull**** they need to be FIRED 4 that

    **** they selling

  5. well i think the jordan pro clasics are really nice. i own a pair of black and red i got at foot locker for 90. they seam to clean up well and arent that comfortable but i like them over all.