Catch This: Dre Bly's Air Jordan III (3)

Denver Broncos defensive back Dre Bly finished the 2008 NFL season on a sour note last Sunday, as the Broncs were derailed 52-21 in sunny San Diego. The 5’10 corner completed the year with 62 tackles and 2 interceptions all in exclusive Jordan Brand product. In week fourteen against the Kansas City Chiefs, “Dre-Dre” sported this understated white/white/elephant cleated version of the Air Jordan III (3). The model offers up a “Broncos blue” inner lining and his initials, D and B, along the tongue. (Interestingly enough, Bly’s initials also stand for his position on the turf, a staunch defensive back in Denver’s 3-4/Nickel system.) Images via NikeTalk’s kumax95.

Catch This: Dre Bly's Air Jordan III (3)

Catch This: Dre Bly's Air Jordan III (3)


  1. Druvenyle says:

    yeah, he wasn't shit with the Rams, or Scams as we call them now…now he's on Team Jordan, and for what? they're secondary got torched when it mattered most…show up on game day DB, then we'll worry about your kicks…

  2. sneakerboyt says:

    Jordan,really needs to evaluate who endorses his brand………..

  3. Yo Mj lookout 4 Andre#80#Johnson.8-8 Texans Bitcha!What?

  4. a real jordanhead says:

    helllll nawwww yall dont be hatin on my carolina boyyyyyy

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