A Closer Look: CP3's Air Jordan XX3 Away

With the second installment of his signature ride, the CP3 2.0, waiting in the wings, New Orleans Hornets point God Chris Paul has been sporting exclusive variations of the luxurious Air Jordan XX3 (23). In short, Paul couldn’t be in a more enviable position. And to coincide with the NBA’s asinine, “51% of the sneaker must match the player’s jersey,” rule, the talented crew over at Jordan Brand manufactured this delicious black/teal version of MJ’s 23rd signature. (Cats in the sneaker industry don’t view the “51%” rule as a law; rather, it’s a challenge to combine the sickest flavors into a playable package!) CP’s “Away” pair features a teal ankle collar, TPU support wrap, and stitch pattern. His creative logo is colored up in white, and sits across the middle of the aforemenetioned collar. If you want a pair, you’re probably not in luck. Chris auctioned these off through his charity a couple of weeks ago–the winning bid finished off at more than $3000! Images via crownt33

A Closer Look: CP3's Air Jordan XX3 Away

A Closer Look: CP3's Air Jordan XX3 "Away"

A Closer Look: CP3's Air Jordan XX3 "Away"


  1. DJ Johnson says:

    These are sick!!!!!!!!

  2. i dont know know why MJ stop coming out with AJ's that have some carolina blue in them. Thanks to CP 3 we are seeing them again.

  3. Jay in the Bay says:

    How does the 51% thing work? how come i see people wearing all black or all white shoes in the nba than?

  4. Druvenyle says:

    were these game-worn..? $3000 with a signature!?! not too bad…

  5. Severalthieves says:

    Couple of comments here. $3000 is bad! What's the cool part about paying that much for a shoe some dude already balled in. Famous or not I ain't with that! Some people are fascinated by stars though I guess. They just people with more cash than you that's all. I do think these are the tightest XX3's I've seen though. I wish I could trade my stealths and my all stars for a pair of these!(unworn and without the cp3 thing)

  6. I completely agree with Severalthieves, but I'd only trade my stealth XX3's not my AllStars.

  7. ctually this is very overpriced ok sure they were signed but i have Joe johnson PE 8s and they were signed and game-worn and got them for $1500 and the Sugar Ray *s are $1500 and i should know my cousin bought em.

  8. Well it was for charity so i guess it's a good price.

  9. these are hot. but when i looked at the photos and stared at the baby blue.. i had this "im sick" feeling lol.

  10. stop smoken. itz not baby blue shyt headz !inn a manly voice itz TEAL

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