According to reports from CNBC, the National Football League and Nike brand have agreed on a deal that will make Nike the official provider of team uniforms. Team Nike will replace Reebok as the official brand provider of team uniforms starting in April of 2012. How many of you are looking forward to seeing those Nike swooshes on the likes of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning as they lead their teams on game-winning drives that you KNOW are bound to happen? Although the official move is still months away we sure do know that fans and Nike employees alike will start running wild with their imaginations in anticipation of the swoosh’s return. Other brands will also be the main NFL providers of things such as on-the-field headgear (New Era) and NFL combine gear (Under Armour).



  1. "Breaking News: NFL signs Nike" — all thanks to American Needle who used their precious time and money to fight NFL Properties in truly landmark federal antitrust suit, in terms of professional sports business, and won!

    And based on this preliminary report, they aren't listed be first in line for the "Official head gear of the NFL sponsorship," which is quite curious.

    After all you Nike fans (I admit, I'm one of them) thank your lucky stars, take a moment to tip your cap to American Needle…


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