Brandon Jennings Shoes Under Armour Young Buck

Brandon Jennings Under Armour shoes have been in the spotlight ever since the rookie dropped 55 points on November 12th vs. Golden State. Jennings is the first NBA player to be endorsed by Under Armour and already his signature shoe is hissing with steam. “Young Buck” is the nickname of Jennings’ sneakers, as Jennings stars for the Milwaukee Bucks. Though the rookie is suffering through a minor shooting slump, he still leads all rookies in scoring. ESPN even changed last Friday nights telecast, deciding broadcast Bucks vs. Thunder and drop its originally scheduled Suns vs. T’Wolves match-up. Read more to see photos of Jennings’ Under Armour Player Exclusives. Via: When In Rome



  1. Kickz suck, but my nigga BJ is kill'n so far make'n all those teamz that pass'd on homie look fuck'n stupid. T'Wolves selected weak ass Rubio who prolly ain't gon ever play for them, & who BJ said was overrated & that he was a better player than Rubio, guess he's proven he was right. Then the Knicks smh will they ever get shit right? If they woulda took BJ they would have a future star who could help them get LeBron.

    BJ keep doin' ya thang boy, can't wait til ur deal wit UA is over so Nike can get u right bruh…. Killa Kali niggaz are tha best!!!!

  2. BJ can give guys blowjobs all he wants he aint gonna do shit in the nba, he had a couple good games but he has been doing bad lately, he hit that rookie wall and took it right in the face

  3. no he hasnt man dude is going to be rookie of the year hes averaging 20 msomething a game with six assist per, better numbers than derrick rose last year, even better numbers than chris paul his first year. and if u were to put a nike check on the side of those people would be all over the new bj's but once again people are bias, its a nice shoe for a even nicer player.

  4. hey all u haters get of his jock,

    hes a monster and is killin it,

    he will break records,

    and easily rookie of the year,

    and was in top 10 in mvp rankings for a while


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