Bobby Fresh - Head over Heels T-Shirt

Inspired by one of the latest Air Jordan Countdown Packages, Bobby Fresh’s “Head over Heels” t-shirt has been designed to match both sneakers. This shirt is available in white and black, the main colors of the Air Jordan VI (6) and Air Jordan XVII (17) from the package.

Featured, is a girl holding the Air Jordan XVII and wearing the Carmine Air Jordan VI. Bobby Fresh has been consistent in incorporating both sneaker and hip-hop culture into their line, a great combination of both old and new. Keep an eye out for past and present Bobby Fresh t-shirts as they are gaining momentum and going fast in-stores and online. The “Head over Heels” t-shirt is now available at the Bobby Fresh online store for $38 in all sizes. Click here to purchase the t-shirt from Bobby Fresh.

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    the shirt is nice tho

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  12. The shirt is fresh, but why didnt they put a sister up on that shirt . Whats up Bobby Fresh

  13. Yea, okay…..those shirts are weak. I'm glad they got the Carmines on them by some chick (white girl?) because Jays on chicks are hot…..let's be honest about that. But for real, those shirts look like they are made for the "16 and under" club. I think anyone grown would look straight silly wearing THAT particular Bobby Fresh shirt. Other BF' shirts are dope, tho.

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