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Beau Monde x Heydey Footwear Collabo


Beau Monde in Gurnee, has collaborated with Heydey footwear on the first ever Beau Monde signature sneaker that is a concept much different from other signature footwear.  Limited to only 48 pairs with a size run from 8 – 13. The shoe comes in white full-grain leather with 3M straps and piping, gum bottoms and wax laces. Laser etched on the top 3M panels are the Beau Monde logos and “#1 With A Bullet” on the bottom panel. The phrase “#1 With A Bullet” doesn’t refer to anything violent, but it’s a reference to the Billboard charts. When a record hits number one on the charts, it gets a bullet by it because it made it to the top spot and it will continue to rise to an even higher level on the charts.  Though the pictures are just the sample, keep a look out for the final product soon this summer.


Brian Betschart
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