Nike Alpholution - White / Black - Teal

We saw a catalog image of the Nike Alpholution last year, and we now have our first look at the actual sneaker itself. The Nike Alpholution is the product of a combination between the Nike Alpha Force and the Nike Air Revolution. This pair of the Alpholution features a white leather upper with black accents seen on the mid-sole, inner lining, heel, and mudguard, while teal accents can be seen via the heel, strap, swoosh, and tongue. Overall, this sneaker yields a clean and bright colorway that is definitely worth checking out as its July 2009 release date nears. The Nike Alpholution will retail for $100 beginning in July.


Nike Alpholution - White / Black - Teal

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  1. One of Nike’s best Bball shoe offerings in a long time. Unlike the original Alpha’s which were heavy, stiff, and tight out of the box, these are extremely lightweight and flexible. The originals had layers of stiff leather which took a while to break in and were always hot, particularly in the summer. The shoe is very lightweight, but still supporting. It reminds me of last year’s adidas Summer Run, but this is a better shoe because of its support and fit. The mesh panels are well placed and allow good ventilation. The toe box is very roomy. Overall, the shoe is comfortable right out of the box. The variable lacing system and mid-foot strap let you adjust the fit, so you foot won’t slide inside the shoe or cram your toes into the front of the shoe when you stop. The sole is well cushioned, particularly the visible air heel. The overall style is appealing, with a subtle blend of two blue colors, and a mix of tumbled and patent leather. The heel has a corduroy-like fabric which is soft and easy on the Achilles. Note the high tongue, which also adds to the overall design balance of the shoe. Very comfortable, cool shoe.