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Beams x Puma Faas 500 “Disc Blaze System”

Beams x Puma Faas 500 "Disc Blaze System"
Almost a month ago we showed you a Jamaica-themed Faas 300 Jam sneaker design from the Puma team. The Faas collection is quickly gaining momentum and catching the eyes of several runners/trainers who are looking for the newest and best technology in performance sneakers. But Puma will not settle for its Faas line being known only stateside. That said, the brand has since teamed up with Japanese retailer Beams to release a Faas 500 with the “Disc Blaze System” theme along the all-black upper. Beams branding can be seen on the strap that hangs from the middle of the shoe, while Puma branding is seen implemented to an all-white sole. These are expected to release soon exclusively from Beams and other select Puma stockists.

Beams x Puma Faas 500 "Disc Blaze System"
Via Beams.

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