Earlier we showed a video of outtakes from an Under Armour video with Cam Newton to promote the Under Armour Charge RC. Thanks to the power of Twitter and Brandon Jennings, we have an exclusive look into a never before seen colorway of the Under Armour Charge RC. Featuring glossy Red material similar to patent leather and a bright White Under Armour logo, this colorway will definitely attract more sneakerheads to the Under Armour Charge RC. What do you think of the Under Armour Charge RC?Brandon Jennings

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  1. AWFUL!!!! Shit is weak … Looks like 2 separate sneakers cut right in half … that side Red piece with the UA logo is garbage … stick to the tighty whiteys & guido shirts Under Armour …

  2. Agreed ! Under Armour dominate with these shoes. Have a pair of my own along with the Asics Racer DS and the Charge RC’s are super light with great flex. Need to be worn in but sick shoe. Prop UA well done.