Bape Fall / Winter 2008 Collection

After already having released a few styles from the Bape Fall and Winter 2008 Collection, the Manhunt is also now available. The new Bapesta and Roasta were reported a few days ago and appeared in subtle color combination’s, but we have a look now at the Manhunt, a Visim-like boot that is featured in solid colors including black and beige.

Taken on a more refined look, the Manhunt is a more mature looking sneaker as opposed to the bold looks of the Bapesta and Roadsta, but whatever your taste may be, the Fall and Winter collection is diverse and has a lot to offer. Now available at Bape stores. Via hb.

Bape Fall / Winter 2008 Collection
Bape Fall / Winter 2008 Collection


  1. thats lame. if you are gonna wear lame ass shoes like these at least do yourself a favor and get some cats. you look like a fool.


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