Air Jordan XX3 (23) White/Varsity Red-Metallic Silver

2008 marked the 23rd year of the Air Jordan line, and over the past few weeks an increase amount of different models have been reported. Here is a detailed look at the Varsity Red and Metallic Silver Air Jordan XX3 (23) that is scheduled to be released sometime around July – August. Via NT.

Air Jordan XX3 (23) White/Varsity Red-Metallic Silver
Air Jordan XX3 (23) White/Varsity Red-Metallic Silver
Air Jordan XX3 (23) White/Varsity Red-Metallic Silver
Air Jordan XX3 (23) White/Varsity Red-Metallic Silver
Air Jordan XX3 (23) White/Varsity Red-Metallic Silver



  2. its funny how people were hatin on these kicks about 2 months ago. Now everybody wanna cop. I stay true to my word n I am NOT going to cop any of the 23's.

  3. That's because of the catalogue photos, they didn't do the 23's justice(same with the 12.5's), they look awesome in real-life though, definite cop for me.

  4. I got my stealth and that’s all for me about the 23's.I would concentrate on the countdown package only….and also thinking on the af1j12(playoff)…

  5. boom ! two pairs of these as well… look like the white stealths but with red … all 23s are fire. I will have 2 of evey 23 colorway… lets get it!!!!!!!!

  6. Nene33 said

    am February 26 2008 @ 6:21 am

    "That’s because of the catalogue photos, they didn’t do the 23’s justice(same with the 12.5’s), they look awesome in real-life though, definite cop for me."

    ^^100% correct. The XX3s are wayyyy better in person, esp the All-Stars. I almost didnt get those for a moment. I had to pull some strings last minute to copp but very glad I did.

    4 more colorways of the XX3s (not including the hott lows coming), and I can call it a wrap.

  7. lol how many times have we seen a pair of jordans and said they dont look all that and after that the sneaker tends to grow on you its happened to me b4 however not with the 23s these are nice and easy to match

  8. i want get this shoe to my grandson, but i'm afraid he will sell it, so i'm waiting for the fake ones to come out

  9. sorry ya'll, not feeling these AT ALL!

    Lucky for us there's better. Like the AF1 Black history month pack.

  10. 23's r ugly .but if i had a gun on my head i would have 2 copp these, just because u can't really see all the ugly detail

  11. Well although Rich-City 510 said that hella gay remark on the 16s article, he pretty much sums it up for much of northern california and possibly the rest of cali that are jordan fans. We can afford shoes out here (Rich city boy is in the bay area city of Richmond) so it don't make sense to say he can't afford them there's plenty of people who bought the 10/13 pack. anyway like i've said before, these latest numbered jordans are practically nonexistent on feet out here. the 23s are no exception. I've only seen one person with them on in all this time. cali kids like shoes that are shitty with everyday clothes. these shoes have a clean cut design, but they aint killin out here in terms of design. thats why we like retroes. I appreciate the technology that went into making these shoes but they only look good on the court, not under the hem of some jeans

  12. these are sick..def cop..i am coppin these and the xi/xii pack for jays and i am done for the year! would rather have the melo/cp3 p3 from the all star game but these will do..have the stealth and these are fire as well!!!

  13. Not tryin to be pessimistic because these have been my favorite colorway since i saw the video and I think they will release, but this all started through people saying they will come out in forums. There is no offical info about the release.

  14. @ rareairtone

    I never been to cali but I guess everybody like a sneaker for different reasons Here in NYC those sneaks are sold out AND YET I have only seen one person wearing them… ONE PERSON and it was the limited signatures (which look real good in person). There is allot of snow left overs here in NY so that might be part of the reason why I haven't seen it around. Who would wear 200 dollar sneakers in the snow? I have to disagree with you that they don't look good with jeans cause they do but I get what you are saying that they don't go with all types of jeans.

    I remember saying the same thing about the 22 and I was so right cause no one bough them out here. NO ONE. until the started selling them at half price. You can still find plenty of sizes online for the black and red and the white and red.

  15. anybody else seen the 23 logo on both tongues of the black xx3's… jumpman logo just two "23"…..on left AND right tongue

  16. can't believe how many people here sound ridiculous.."oh, imma get these fosho" "these is fire" "def. coppin these" "must cop" feeling these joints son", come on, sound like you got an education you morons…

  17. yeah. cats in northern cali be sleeping on kicks. like for the allstars there was only 10 ppl in line and I kno just a few sneakerheads out here.. im glad cuzz that means more kicks for me!

  18. Every year people say that the J's are ugly when the initial design leaks yet when the final pics are revealed and then you see them in the store for the first time people realize Jordan's are classic shoes period. As a collector I'll get 2 or every color like I have since '85. Jordan's are an artform as well as a nice performance shoe with class and style. Not only that but they are a hell of an investment especially when you buy REAL J's and keep em' fresh. This colorway is on fire!!! But, if anybody's seen the lowtop 23's white/metallic royal blue you will definitely love those. They are hurtin' em' hard!

    SAY NO TO FAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. yeah ima put black laces on da silver/yellow ones wen dey drop but wouldnt on these. not really feelin these ones cause by the time they release ima have the stealths and silver ones and i dont know about yall but im down 450 and it aint even march yet

  20. def cop on the black stealth..these will be a great white shoe..most of the kicks i really like i try to get one white (home) and one black (road) as long as i like the model. for my corp league games i do the white for reg season and go all black when we make the playoffs. the white/red is really nice..i like this better than the all stars!

  21. def the best colorway of the 23 im def going to get theses and only these. the others are all subpar but theses def are on point

  22. cool kicks! i just wanderin what makes it so expensive?? instead of the limited signature shoe..and the finisher product for the AJ-line up.anybody know?

  23. damn look at all the comments, these arent a quickstrike every store at the mall here in tampa will have them. 200 bucks for kicks is expensive but i need a 23 for the collection and if your going to get a pair of 23 these are the ones for sure. and everyone hating on them makes me happy cause whats a player without haters? keep rocking your creased up dirty shelltops haters theyre 2 for 89 at champs you can get 4 pairs to my 1 pair of js later


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