Air Jordan XII (12) Rising Sun - Available Early

The Air Jordan XII (12) “Rising Sun” is available now at select retailers overseas, earlier than planned. The shoe’s all-white upper pairs a heavily perforated premium leather upper with a splash of patent leather near the toe. A red Jumpman logo adds flavor to the tongue, while details from the Japanese flag are printed on the insole. The Air Jordan XII (12) “Rising Sun” is available now at RMK.

Air Jordan XII (12) Rising Sun - Available Early

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  1. No rush to get these. I’ll cop in October for retail and they gonna stay boxed up on ice til June 2010.

  2. super fresh colorway. Never a fan of the 12's, this colorway is super clean and i'll def cop in Octo.

  3. saw these on eBay yesterday…the insole is badass, has the Rising sun flag on it with the jumpman in the middle…might have to cop, but agree Cholly, can wait until Oct for retail

  4. THESE $#!t$ ARE FRESH AS A 8!TC# !!! Im 17 with a job just dropn money on Jays but my dad -who doesnt collect jays anymore so i get his boxed jays:)- says im not allowed to get anymore jays kuz its a waste of money :.( Some how Im gonna get these and the space jams, flu XIIs, white/red XIIs, and them chicagos that come out in '10! NUMBERED JAYS FO LIFE!!! Holla!!!

  5. ^^^HATER!^^^ haha wow. get off JBs balls. go rock some cheap vans you fruitcake, something you can afford haha.

  6. It's actually pretty decent looking. I like the base white, and the chrome lace holders really set it off nicely.

  7. I don't care for these, not sure if it's the perforation or the nearly all-white colorway or a bit of both. I got the Nubucks and really like them, and there are much better XIIs coming out this year. I don't think I feel the need to get these.

  8. These are fakes? Damn, they look really clean. I must admit, even for fakes these are nice. But no, I would never cop fakes.

  9. we dis hitten stors in da usa cuz aint no good stuff out these will be da ish and come in stores in baltimore

  10. Franky step your sneaker game up and know your materials. REAL patent leather shines when you take a pic of it. WTF is a shiny stuff?

  11. ha ha "shiney stuff" the patent leather is one of the things that make this shoe unique since the XIIs have never had them before, that and the perforations. This should be in any sneakerhead's collection cuz its an unique colorway thats all new- this would be awesome if they just started to do retros in new colorways like this. These gonna be harder to keep kleen than the playoffs lol

  12. My retailer got these overseas, email me if u want these

    and other exclusives, and Player Exclusive, i have pics. they are B-Grade in box