Recently we got our first look at the Air Jordan IX Silver Anniversary, which comes in the now customary all-white colorway in celebration of twenty five years of Air Jordan sneakers. The Air Jordan XI was also among two of the first signature Jordan silhouettes rumored to be releasing in 2010- to the excitement of many Jordanheads worldwide. Now, we’d like to show you a set of new detailed images of this Air Jordan XI that is sure to continue helping build the hype behind this celebratory collection as we await more concrete release information. Is this the best Silver Anniversary Jordan that team JB could release?


  1. I heard these were only coming out in kid sizes….

    some1 plz confirm… && whats the deal with VMVINC.COM??

  2. M.I.A means missing in action and these are not the same comign for kids if you check back at the pics from previous post youll see that the kids have blue in the bottom not like this one this is part of the Silver Anniversary

  3. Man…they sick but these and the carolina 11s have no jumpman…still might get copped but if not that would b a reason…

  4. i wish the jumpman sign were there, and air rell the columbias do have the jumpman so the hell are you talking about