The more looks we get at different Air Jordan signature series silhouettes in the Silver Anniversary colorway, the more Jordanheads’ hopes rise in anticipation of what many hope is an actual release of the entire Silver Anniversary collection. After seeing the very popular Air Jordan III done-up in all-white, many eagerly awaited images of the Air Jordan IV- here they are. Like the aforementioned Air Jordan III Silver Anniversary, this AJ IV reads “Pure $,” but this time on the inside of the heel tab. And slight silver accents can also be spotted on the four extra shoelaces holder that come on every IV. So after looking at the two- which Silver Anniversary sneaker would you say looks better- the AJ III or IV?

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  1. lmaoo these look like a pair of g-unit reebok i have backin the days,exactly the same, sliver lace hole or w.e all white,aha these look cheap:(

  2. I already have these. They came out about 4 years ago. Same exact shoe. Even says pure in the same place. Thats weak…there should be some type of difference between the shoes

  3. LILDADDY you right-these did come out already like 4 years ago. I got a pair of em too stashed away in the closet. Came out with the black cat IVs if I'm not mistaken. Both were hot but these were the ones i happened to cop.

  4. I will cop these. Just to have them. Still got my retro pure money 4's from 4 years ago.Only wore em once. So ill just have two pairs.

  5. copped them 4 years back 2 trying to restore them! tounge turned all yellow, still in the back of closet

  6. they should of switched it up because these were already out i have a pair and mines are still fresh as shit