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Air Jordan XI ‘Cool Grey’ Error?

Air Jordan XI 'Cool Grey' Error?Our friends over at Sole Supremacy have one lucky repeat customer. This person ordered an early release pair of the Air Jordan XI ‘Cool Grey’ from a legit website that shall remain nameless, and look at the pair that they’ve received… notice anything different?

Now some might consider this an error in the manufacturing, personally I find this person to be extremely lucky. Everyone knows that the Jumpman logo on the left shoe was reversed during the release of the DMP VI/XI and have stayed that way ever since.

Is Jordan Brand going to throw out another ‘Easter egg’ with this AJXI release much like the 25 pairs of ‘Silver Anniversary’ XI’s or is this a 1 of 1? At this point know one knows, but one lucky person has the 2010 Air Jordan XI ‘Cool Grey’ the way they were meant to be… with the logos facing the toe box.

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