Air Jordan XI (11) Retro 'Concord' 2011?Ever since the 2008 Countdown Packs, consumers have been asking for the Air Jordan XI (11) ‘Concord’ to be retroed once again. 2011 will be seeing a slew of great retro Jordan’s but there is one that may top them all.

Your typical ballistic style mesh & synthetic leather is featured on the upper, black patent leather and branding, including the recently flipped Jumpman, and clear rubber outsole with dark concord traction pods. Keep in mind these images may not be the final retail version and could potentially be samples. However, they have been displayed along with the rest of the Air Jordan Legacy models on Jumpman23 for quite some time now so what you see is possibly what you’ll get.

Would you mind if these got the tinted blue outsole treatment like the ‘Cool Grey’ release?

Via Jumpman23

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  1. I already started camping for these…..ill be living at the mall for a while.

  2. These might get us out the recession…not standing in line for these either… ha!!!! For u bustas

  3. i want the columbias to come out….nothing beats original retroes…the cool greys were too much hype….not even all that…

  4. Yea the 11’s are by far the greatest J eva…..the design is priceless and the shoe can be worn with anything from shorts to suits…..concord a def cop for me would love to see the black/red also released!

  5. DEF COP.These should have been dropped.JB needs to drop retros like this and not force feeding us bullshit like fusions etc.

  6. they shouldn’t put the blue like the cool grey theyre just perfect the way these bad boys look

  7. clear or blue tint..cant da concords…must cop and it is not even a question!!! hand down….man down!!!!

  8. If Jordan and the rest of Nike continue to re-release retro models they’re gona kill the concepts of “retro” and “quickstrike” release, ultimately eliminating the possibility of giving sneakers a decent re-sale price. Who’s gona buy kicks of eBay when they can just wait for the exact same shit to come out again next year?

  9. Yo @Max FUCK RE-SELLERS!! They kill it for those who love the sneaker game.

    But no icey blue sole, that would be ridiculous. That’s not the answer for every shoe that yellows.

  10. Every December I say i’m getting the 11’s…this time it’s for real…have to get these

  11. would that b hot if the concords had a concord tint sole like the cool greys the icy tint sole or am i ugly 4 thinking that

  12. if indeed the blue tinted sole on the cool greys keeps them from yellowing, then the answer is YES. of course they should put it on the new ones. yellow soles suck. and for all you idiots crying about keep it “OG” if you want old yellow soles then go by those ones from 1996. people are sooooo stupid !!!

  13. I think that a smoked sole like the soles on the sampled Cool greys and 9’s would be hot expesally with the blk patent leather!!

  14. Smoked soles would mEan no green or yellow because blue soles turn green n clear goes yellow black smoked soles mean it won’t look dirty or yellow or green discolor

  15. The sole should be clear and not come up so far in front they’d look better in red and black .