The Air Jordan XI (11) ‘Concord’ you are viewing is a part of Drake’s collection… only part of 1/3 his collection to be exact.

Could these possibly be the 2011 retro? Seen in pristine condition with absolutely no signs of yellowing, this could possibly mean one of two things; they’re either early samples of the 2011 retro or they are the 2011 retro.

Keep in mind there are OG ‘Concords’ around with the #45 in place, but most (even being DS) don’t look this fresh.

OG ‘Concord’ Sample

Via October’s Very Own


  1. 1. Drake roc’s fakes! He was cought like 3 times already wit fake 5s,4s,3s
    2. How do we know these aren’t fakes? Come on a year early? Really JB?!
    3. He’s been “collecting” since he was rich, not since the slums of degrassi lol
    4. And most important as to any1 who has something rare…if he only has that 1 pair of heat and NOTHING else their probly fake

    • Man you and the rest of these idiots don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.This guy has and makes millions of dollars so why would he waste his money on fake Js?Most of these stars get free samples on a regular basis.Use common fucking sense before you accuse a millionaire of rocking fakes.Maybe its true he started collecting when he started getting money which none of us can prove unless you actually know the dude which none of us do.I believe its a sample and you fags are hating because you don’t own a pair.

  2. Obvious fakes and it literally took me 3 seconds to realize it.

    The wickity wack facts:

    1. The #45 is not centered; and 5 is too close to the seam.
    2. The #45 is too big.
    3. The font used for the # and spaces them, whether it’s 23 or 45, are equal thickness and length. (That’s the best way I can describe it, but that doesn’t read clear to me.)
    4. The patent leather rear seam is off-centered to the mid-sole.
    5. The rear mid-sole is too thick — it’s supposed to get smaller towards the rear of the sneaker.
    6. Jordan logo should be directly above curve over rear-side patent leather.

    The comparison is Drakes fakes vs. 2010 Jordan XI ‘cool grays’, not the OG’s picture below Drake’s fakes!

    • are you retarded look at the jumpman hes facing towards the 45 so thats probably a sample if the #45 is not centered

  3. Fake as fuck.
    I hope JB decides do make the concords look similiar to this though, theyd be sick if they were legit

  4. Im glad other people are saying fake. When i first looked at the picture, i was like “why is sneakerfiles rocking fakes?” then i read it and wondered if drake is rich why does he have fakes. those are definately fake

  5. Damn them are fakes. That is crazy. I’m thinking Drake and Nike had something going on with Jordan’s and them advertising. Explaining why he was getting releases so early. But I see why now. This man be rockin fakes. The 45 on the back of the shoe was def off centered. J. Cole don’t rock fakes.

  6. Damn this is only one pic. U guys can’t comfirm that these are fake….the rest of the sneakers in his collection are real. 1. Fake concord 11s with 45 don’t even exist and if they do you’ll see them all over the internet….maybe these kicks were b-grade samples so the 45 was a lil off. So jordan was like “fuck it, lemme just give these to somebody”. Come on guys, why would a millionaire rock fake kicks. They can afford shit u can’t afford in 100 years so calm the fuck down

  7. Theyre the 2011's with custom "45" on it! Sole have blue tint, dead give away. Nice anyway, plus number is way off centered. peace


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